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Hysogeo is a multipurpose company focused on the development of projects and products to improve our environment quality: Clean energies generation, energy efficiency, green building, etc… Since 2008 we have participated in several projects, we have marketed products and services for other companies and we have created our own LED lighting line of products under our brand.

In 2018 a new division of the company is born and its focused in technological developments, virtual reality, and on-line projection for companies and entrepreneurs. With a team of some of the biggest specialists in programming, design, security, marketing and R&D, just created to allows us to offer you the best products and services in this field. Premium products and services developed by our own, like HAM, but also from third companies.

We continue to grow and expanding our horizons. We don´t believe in limits. Always looking for something more, for been pioneers, and this is difficult sometimes but at the end, its fantastic to be there. We invite you to join us in this trip to the future, where everything is changing around us. With everybody´s help, we will get a better world for our future generations.