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This privacy policy is applicable to the processing of personal data by HYSOGEO CLEAN ENERGIES S.L. (hereinafter, "HYSOGEO CLEAN ENERGIES S.L." or "HYSOGEO") within its websites, apps and any other digital platform or electronic medium in which personal data are processed. This policy will be equally applicable, in what could affect, the processing of data of users of social networks on which HYSOGEO made a treatment of their data and based on their relationship with HYSOGEO.




Who is responsible for the processing of your data?


HYSOGEO CLEAN ENERGIES S.L., with C.I.F. ESB36589950, registered office at Calle Maruja Gutiérrez nº 17, 36500 Lalín is responsible for the processing of data provided by the Client and guarantees their security and confidential treatment, in accordance with the provisions of the General Data Protection Regulations ("RGPD") and any other regulations that may be applicable.


For what purpose do we treat your personal data?


Within the digital platforms of HYSOGEO, the collection and processing of the user's personal data will be carried out, depending on the relationship with the user, with the following purposes:


In the case of user registrations to provide access to the digital platform and the contracting information and contact information available for said user, as well as for the access and use of the digital platform and compliance with the legal obligations of HYSOGEO as a provider of information society services.


For the case of making inquiries or requests the information will be used for the purpose of managing them.


Likewise, the user's browsing and cookie data may be treated with the purpose of improving their accessibility as a user, to personalize and analyze their browsing, as well as to show advertisements and advertisements based on their interests according to our cookies policy and which must be Accepted as a previous step to navigation through our digital platform.


Other specific purposes indicated within the data collection forms within the digital platform and without which HYSOGEO will not be able to process the form in question.


For the case of contracting services or products through the digital platform, we inform you that the purpose will be to manage your relationship with HYSOGEO, the provision of the requested services, the management of customer service and, in general, the fulfillment of the obligations of the Contract. Likewise, HYSOGEO may consult asset and credit solvency files to assess the economic solvency of the Client and, based on these inquiries, adopt decisions that affect it, being able to condition the entry into force of the Contract or its validity upon the constitution of a payment guarantee. . Nevertheless, HYSOGEO will always grant the Client the possibility of claiming everything that he considers pertinent in order to defend his right or interest. In case of non-payment, HYSOGEO may communicate it to said files, complying with current legislation.


HYSOGEO may, with the user's consent, update and enrich the personal data of the user by acquiring databases from sources of public access and allowing an improvement in the management of the relationship and contact with the user.


HYSOGEO will also treat personal data with the purpose of offering, through the means provided, including electronic means, in a segmented and personalized way, information about products and services, own, or of third parties promoted by HYSOGEO, if it had agreed, of energetic character, telecommunications, financial, for the home and entertainment, for which HYSOGEO will be able to use automated support systems and other means to define profiles of public targets of campaigns, activities or actions, using information from HYSOGEO as well as information from third sources, if the user would likewise have consented. These actions in the case of clients may be carried out even once the contractual relationship with the client has been finalized, if this had been agreed.


Additionally, HYSOGEO may use the dissociated data of the user, always preserving their anonymity, even after the end of the relationship, with the purpose of using them within their support systems for decision making and business management.


How long will we keep your data?


The personal data provided by the user for the contracting of products and services, will be processed by HYSOGEO, during the time in which the contractual relationship remains in force and will begin at the moment of the formalization of the Contract and will end, regardless of the period of supply, once all the contractual obligations are met, such as attention to information requests and customer claims and billing review, without prejudice to the data blocking and / or data retention obligations resulting from the applicable regulations in each case.


If the user had consented, their data may be processed once the Contract is finalized or after the user has left without valid contracts, for a period of 2 years, without prejudice to the data retention obligations required by law applicable in each case for the attention of emerging treatment responsibilities.


For the rest of users, the data conservation period will be 2 years from the data collection, without prejudice to the data blocking and / or data retention obligations resulting from the applicable regulations in each case.




What is the legitimacy for the treatment of your data?


The legitimacy for the treatment of your data are the consents obtained from the user, the derivative of the use of digital platforms, the contracting of products or services, the regulations applicable to the supply of products and services and any other that may be applicable, in every moment


User consents are obtained both at the time of user registration and in the different contracts or requests made within the digital platform and can be modified at any time by the user through the exercise of their rights. The treatment may also be based on the case of clients with valid contracts, on the legitimate interests of HYSOGEO for the offer of its own related products and services, loyalty actions, including sports, cultural and charitable actions in which HYSOGEO participates, carrying out profiles to offer products or services similar to the one contracted and to communicate this data to third companies for the accomplishment of administrative managements with the purpose of admission of clients, prevention of fraud, reclamation and collection of debts.


The legitimate interest includes the treatment of user data for the management of security and access control of the support information systems.


If for the realization of any management of the contract or specific request, it is necessary for the user to provide personal data of persons other than the owner, the user must inform them prior and expressly of the content of this policy and obtain their prior consent for the treatment of your data.


For the registration as a user in the digital platforms of HYSOGEO, the manifestation of the age of majority of the users is required because it is restricted for minors, for what you express and guarantee with your registration that you are of legal age. In any case HYSOGEO is exonerated from the data processing carried out on minors without the consent of their parents or guardians.


To which recipients will your data be communicated?


In case of contracting, the necessary data to manage access to the network, will be communicated to companies providing services and products for Hysogeo and will be incorporated into a file of their responsibility, which may have access to those determined by legislation at any time .


HYSOGEO also works with third party service providers, such as sales channels, administrative support, telephone assistance service, banks, recovery companies, marketing and advertising, auditing and others that, in certain cases, may access their data, with the necessary guarantees, for the purposes of the treatment.


HYSOGEO, in case of non-payment by the Client of its services, may communicate it to the Responsible for asset and credit solvency files in compliance with applicable regulations. You can also transfer the data to the authorities and competent bodies in compliance with the corresponding legal and fiscal obligations. The data relating to possible supply contracts will also be communicated to the Tax Administration for the purposes set forth in General Tax Act 58/2003 and / or Law 36/2006, on measures for the prevention of tax fraud. Likewise, by virtue of Royal Decree 897/2017, which regulates, among other issues, the figure of the vulnerable consumer, the personal data of these customers may be communicated to the organizations responsible for the protection of vulnerable consumers for the purpose of implementing the measures that it contemplates, as well as to any other Administration for the purpose that is legally determined.



Users can communicate with HYSOGEO through their profile on social networks such as Facebook and Twitter, located in the United States. Data transfers will be covered by the U.S.A Privacy Shield agreement (information available at https://www.privacyshield.gov/welcome) or the explicit consent of the interested party, if applicable.



What are your rights when you provide us with your data?


To access certain services, you must register as a registered user of the digital platform. The data to complete the Registration Form are provided freely and voluntarily, so that the data must be true and adjusted to reality. The user agrees to make diligent use and not to make available to third parties your username and password, as well as to communicate to HYSOGEO, as soon as possible, the loss, theft or any risk of access to them by a third party. .


The data that the user provides for the contracting of services or products, are necessary for the maintenance of the contractual relationship, and the fact of not providing them would imply the impossibility of being able to manage said relationship.


The user is responsible for the truthfulness of the information communicated and must request its modification whenever necessary to ensure correct treatment of the same, the correct provision of the contracted services and the completion of communications.


The user can exercise the rights of access, rectification or, where appropriate, request the deletion of their data when they are no longer necessary for the purposes for which they were collected, among other reasons.


The user may request the limitation of the processing of their data in the circumstances established in art. 18 of the RGPD, in which case they will only be kept for the exercise or defense of possible claims.


The user may withdraw the consent granted at any time, opposing the processing of their data for a specific purpose, without affecting the legality of the treatment based on the consent prior to its withdrawal or oppose it, in which case its data personal data will only be retained for the exercise or defense of possible claims.


The user may contact HYSOGEO to challenge any decision that he or she understands may affect their rights and freedoms or legitimate interests and that is based on an automated decision including the preparation of profiles. This right allows you to challenge this decision and obtain a direct response from the managers of HYSOGEO.


The user may request HYSOGEOla portability of their personal data, obtaining an electronic copy of them either through the sending to the email address provided or within the corresponding section within the HYSOGEO website.


All these rights may be exercised by writing to HYSOGEO CLEAN ENERGIES S.L. - Att. Responsible for Data Protection, to the following email address: contact@hysogeo.com


In the event that the user does not obtain the intended response or satisfaction, HYSOGEO informs him of his right to file a claim with the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, domiciled at C / Jorge Juan nº6, 28001 Madrid or through Internet in the direction:




Security measures


Access to digital platforms through which the USER of the web or App hires products or services of HYSOGEO is done in a secure environment. To verify that you are on the website of our Company, check that the word HYSOGEO appears on the upper status line. Also, you can make sure that you are in a secure environment by the "URL" address that appears in properties (when you click the right mouse button). This "URL" address begins with "https", where the "s" identifies that the contents are being offered by a secure server.


The digital platforms of HYSOGEO provide in some cases links to other digital platforms or contents that are owned by third parties. The sole purpose of the links is to provide the USER with the possibility of supplementing the information through said links. HYSOGEO is not responsible in any case for the results that may be derived to the USER for accessing said links.


The USER, and in general any natural or legal person that intends to establish any technical link device from its digital platform to any of HYSOGEO's digital platforms, must obtain prior written authorization from HYSOGEO. The establishment of the link does not imply in any case the existence of relations between HYSOGEO and the owner of the platform on which the link is established, nor the acceptance or approval by HYSOGEO of its contents or services.